Covid-19 Audit for Manchester business owners

Covid-19 Audit for Manchester business owners

Covid-19 AuditPost Covid-19 lockdown, businesses have a responsibility to ensure that customers and staff are safe when visiting your premises. Business owners must take steps to ensure to minimise the risks of passing on the virus and ensure that their environment is welcoming to even the most vulnerable visitor. We provide a Covid-19 audit to ensure you are ready to do business. We can then supply and fit a number of items to ensure a safe environment to all.

This has implications for many businesses, from office based firms to organisations with a high footfall, such as cafes and bars. The steps required to minimise the spread of infection impact all areas within commercial premises; from your front door to your washrooms.

Covid-19 audit for businesses

We provide firms across greater Manchester with a no obligation Covid-19 to audit to ensure that their business is ready for business as soon as the lockdown ends. Our team of qualified professionals are on hand to visit your place of work and provide a to-do list of actions.

We’ve already visited premises across greater Manchester to provide advice regarding the steps needed to minimise the spread of infection. Our advisors typically suggest 5 ways of improving their environment for staff and visitors alike.

Touchless taps

Infra-red tapsBy adding touchless taps visitors to your washroom facilities will not need to touch any surface to wash their hands. This removes another potential risk of cross contamination and mitigates the risk to all who use your facilities.

Our team of expert craftsmen can fit touchless taps to any bathroom. As we have models powered by both battery or mains options this means fitting is quick and cost effective. With a large range of stylish options we can enhance the appeal of your washroom facilities whilst making sure your facilities are safe for all.

We supply Grohe taps that are powered by a lithium battery that can last up to 7 years.

Hand Sanitisers at entrances

Hand Sanitiser StandWe provide branded hand sanitisers that can be placed at every entrance to your premises. This reminds visitors of the need to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and enables them to ensure that their hands are clean before entering.

These can be branded with your company logo and supplied in your company colours. The design will be consistent with your corporate style.


Hand Sanitisers in washroom areas

Touchless Hand SanitiserWe recommend additional hand sanitisers be placed at the entrance and exit of washroom facilities. This provides an important reminder for patrons and reinforces the need to sanitise hands after using your washroom facilities.

We supply and fit these to business owners across Greater Manchester. Call us today to discuss the right options for your premises and arrange your installation date.


Touchless toilet flush

Touchless toilet flushAdding a touchless toilet flush is a cost effective way to do away with another potential cause of cross contamination. Our automated lavatories provide a safe and clean environment for users.

We have fitted a number of options powered by both batteries and mains power. These long lasting units require minimal maintenance. Typically each unit can run for 15,000 flushes between battery changes, ensuring a safe environment for the longer term.


Ifra-red touch-free lighting control

Infra-red light switchThe addition of infra-red touch-free lighting control means that visitors to your premises don’t need to touch anything to turn on lighting. This eliminates a potential Covid-19 hazard and can be fitted to any room.

An additional benefit of these clever gadgets is the fact that they automatically turn lights off. This reduces energy consumption and could save money on electricity bills.

PIR light sensors

PIR lighting sensorsAdding PIR lighting sensors are another way to minimise the risks of spreading infection whilst limiting energy consumption for business users. Adding these to your space negates the need to touch anything to turn on lighting.

The lights turn off automatically after a pre-determined time to suit the space in question. These can be fitted to just about any commercial space.


Additional Covid-19 sanitary safe options

We supply a number of additional options to keep visitors safe. This includes:

  • Covid-19 signage
  • Sneeze guards
  • Adhesive wall stickers

Our team of craftsmen can supply and fit these and other options to business premises across the Manchester region.

Arrange your Covid-19 Audit today

Get in touch today to arrange a visit from our experts to get a professional opinion on the many ways that you can provide a safe and welcoming space to visitors as the UK returns to normal. To arrange your visit either contact us or complete the form below.

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